The Indian Ministry of the Interior has announced the construction of more than 250 police stations in Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh to intensify the terror against the Indian people.


As we have  reported recently, the Indian reaction continues its massive lies campaign about allegedly surrendered or killed comrades. But these lies and fakeencounters only irrigate the fight, rather than drowning it in blood. So the Indian state is now planning to build another 250 police stations in the two states of Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh, in which  the Indian Communist Party (Maoist) and the People's Liberation Army are very active and repeatedly inflict heavy losses to the reactionary forces. In addition, stations in Kerala are also being built. The Home Office claims to have intelligence information about strong activity by the comrades in the southwesternmost state.

But even in the Ministry of the Interior itself, there is no agreement on the efficiency of these projects. An employee said that more police posts only mean that the PLGA will storm or attack more police posts. That's what the history shows, the justified rebellion of the masses and the revolution can not be defeated by more reactionary terror. More repression leads to more resistance, as the last two days after the announcement of the project have shown that. In Andrah Pradesh, the PLGA killed two police informants on Wednesday. In Odisha, the CPI (maoist) has called for a 24-hour bandh (armed strike) and blocked an important main road.


Maoists call 24-hr Odisha bandh, block roads in Kandhamal