After the reputation of the old Indian state and its ruling party BJP, led by Prime Minister Modi, has suffered significantly in recent months and especially weeks since the arrest of Varavara Rao and a lot of other activists and intellectuals, in face of the witch hunt regarding the struggles of the Dalits and the countless human rights violations, the opposition is now trying to profit from it. Because 2019 is election year. With that in mind, the incidents are just what any opposition hoped and waited for, because they can easily shift all that is currently coming up against the old Indian state to the Hindu-fascist party. The bourgeois press also complains that the BJP agenda is not democratic anymore, and that efforts by everyone are needed to restore India's “valuable” liberties again. So Modi's party is raised in public to be the roots of all evil in India. The bourgeois press seems to deliberately forget that the BJP has only been the ruling party since 2014 and has only exacerbated the fight against critical voices. "Operation Green Hunt", initiated to smash the ongoing and advancing People's War in India, has been running since 2009. The real root of all evil, of all exploitation and oppression, is always imperialism, and as long as it exists and the ruling classes of India are handled as the Imperialists puppets, the misery will only ever continue - no matter which party is in office.

Those who actually fight for the interests of the people are the comrades who risk their lives every day in the People's War, led by the CPI (Maoist). They are the ones, who are discredited, tortured, hunted and killed by the old state. They develop the struggle tirelessly, ensuring that their voices are heard throughout India and around the world. And they can not be instrumentalized or bribed by anyone. Because they know, the people's war is invincible.