Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Proletarian Feminism for Communism!

The ruling Imperialists claim that the oppression of women in Western Europe is an issue that is mostly resolved. The openly racist forces of the so-called “right-populists” claim, that the problem  is something belonging to the Muslim community. Petty bourgeois “theoreticians” reduce the oppression of women to a question of “identity politics”. Revisionists and opportunists follow suit and speak about “sexism” and equalize the oppression of women with the prejudices against  LGBTQ people. All of that serves as a smokescreen to the hide the real situation, the fact that the  oppression and exploitation of women is an expression of patriarchy which arose with the emergence of private property and can only be abolished with the disappearance of it.   

The oppression and exploitation of women has in no way disappeared in Western Europe, just as it has not disappeared anywhere in the world. On the contrary, women are less paid as men doing the same work and still have to carry the load of the socially indispensable reproduction work. Women are subjected to patriarchal violence everywhere and are being killed by the thousands by males in what is cynically called "domestic violence". Womens murder, rape and molestation are everywhere and currently the imperialists are unleashing an offensive against the rights conquered by women and the working-class, even trying to take away the right of abortion, using the most reactionary propaganda.

The attacks on immigrant women, and in particularly against the women of Muslim faith, are a sinister part of the attempts to divide the working-class and to justify imperialist aggression against the oppressed countries. It is part of the campaign to portrait imperialist reaction as “civilization” and a revival of the old and rotten colonial concept of the “white mans burden”. The “right-populists” do not give a damn about women being liberated from semi-feudal and reactionary ideologies, what they want is to impose their national chauvinism.

The whole concept of “identity politics” is idealism and part of the general counter-revolutionary offensive against Marxism. We are being told that material reality, class struggle and fundamental contradictions in today’s world are secondary, we are supposed to believe that there are no truths and everything is a question about subjective and personal feelings. They proclaim that there is no scientific ideology, that everything is a “construct”. It is the absolute negation of dialectical materialism. According to this criteria the talk about “sexism”, as if the oppression and exploitation of women was merely a question of ideas and not inseparable from private property, is false and it downgrades the patriarchal oppression of women to the same level as that of those men who suffer due to their sexual preferences.

The oppression of LGBTQ people is secondary to the oppression and exploitation of women, but its root is the same patriarchy. There is a chauvinist trend among certain opportunists, fighting “identity politics” with workerism, economism and blatant chauvinism. Maoists and proletarian feminists join ranks with and seek to organize all those oppressed by patriarchy, and fight chauvinism against all such groups.

Women constitute, at least, half of the working-class and they are double oppressed and exploited in relation to their class brothers. It is indispensable to develop a clear class-conscious line in the women's movement, a proletarian feminist line that ideologically, politically and organizationally smashes the bourgeoisie and petty bourgeoisie lines and explicitly considers the struggle for the emancipation of women as a decisive and indispensable part of the struggle for the emancipation of working-class. Without the struggle for the emancipation of women there can be no real struggle for Communism. Without the struggle for Communism there can be no real struggle for the emancipation of women. Therefore the slogan “Proletarian feminism for communism!” gives a correct basic orientation for the Marxist-Leninist-Maoists in the women's movement.

Wave after Wave, Blow after Blow – Against imperialism and Patriarchy

Today there is no strong international proletarian feminist movement and the main reason is the lack of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Parties in the majority of the countries in the world and very much so in Europe, that generate such a movement in the different countries.  So the main task, in the current situation, for anyone who wants to struggle for the real emancipation of women, is to contribute in every way possible for the reconstitution of the Communist Parties.

Since the struggle for the reconstitution of the Communist Parties can not be waged anywhere but in the midst of class struggle and two-line struggle on the basis of a just and correct Marxist-Leninist-Maoist ideological and political line, from the very beginning the mobilization, politicization and organization of women, and in particular the women of the deepest and broadest masses, is a decisive part of the same. The Communist Party is the vanguard detachment of the proletariat and it must be made up of leaders who represent the true interest of the class and the deepest and broadest masses, the ones most oppressed and exploited. Any talk about reconstituting the Communist Party without to promote and develop the proletarian feminist movement in a planned and systematic way is a scam. Any position that does not, from the very beginning, further the incorporation of women in the vanguard detachment in formation, is a revisionist position. Any structure that calls itself communist, but does not strive to promote the ones who have the foremost direct interest in the struggle for communism in its own ranks, can not be considered communist. The vanguard of the proletariat needs as many female leaders, cadres and militants as possible, and as more of these it has, the better it is.

The proletarian feminist movement must represent the interest of the working-class women, the women of the deepest and broadest masses, it must be developed in their midst and can not have its main focus on the universities or debate clubs. It must be developed in the work-places, in the proletarian neighborhoods and on the streets, by grasping the real problems of the masses and giving them a correct orientation on how to solve them, generating the forms of organization and of struggle to do so, and developing their daily struggle in service of the struggle for the conquest of power for the proletariat, what today means to pave the way at every level for the initiation of People’s War.  The proletarian feminist movement must stand shoulder to shoulder with the female workers who fight for their rights for equal pay, with single mothers who struggle desperately every day to feed their children, with Muslim women who are attacked by chauvinists because of the way they dress and for defending their right to carry the pieces of clothing they prefer, with elderly women who can not survive on her pension, with women being subjected to patriarchal violence and everybody else who suffers form oppression and exploitation of imperialism and patriarchy, teach them how to fight and how to defend their interest. The proletarian feminist movement must uphold, defend and apply Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism, to solve the pending tasks it faces in every country, learning from the experiences of the workers, popular and women struggle all over the world and particularly learning from the female communists who stand in the first line in the ongoing People’s Wars. It must advance, serving the struggle for the reconstitution of the Communist Parties and the building of the United Front for the proletarian revolution, for the dictatorship of the proletariat, in waves and dealing hard and precise blows to the enemy.

This year we, Marxist-Leninist-Maoists in Europe, jointly unfold our activities around the 8th of March under these slogans, Proletarian Feminism for Communism! and Wave after Wave, Blow after Blow – Against imperialism and Patriarchy!. We do so with the intention to further the development of the European proletarian feminist movement and to further unleash the fury of women as a mighty force of the proletarian world revolution.

For a class-line in the women's movement!
To the streets on the 8th of March!
Forwards Red Women!

Red Womens Committees (Austria)
Red Womens Committees (FRG)
Serve the People - Communist League(Norway)
Peru People’s Movement (Reorganisation Committee)
Red Flag Collective (Finland)

Proletarians of all countries, unite!


We address our class, the international proletariat, and peoples of the world to condemn, smash, mark by fire and with deep class hatred reject the direct and shameless intervention of Yankee imperialism, single hegemonic superpower, world great counterrevolutionary gendarme and principal enemy of the peoples of the world, against the nation, against the people of Venezuela.

At this new direct aggression, Yankee imperialism applies a state coup to impose a puppet government in Venezuela. It is a plan of Yankee imperialism; it comes into play with the self-proclamation as temporary president by its puppet, the president of the suspended Legislative Assembly, Juan Guaidó, who was immediately acknowledged as the “legitimate” president of the country by the arch-reactionary and genocidal government of Trump-Pence and making an ultimatum to the operating government of Nicolás Maduro for him to hand over the temporary government; intimidating him, in case the imperialist rule is not followed, it will use all power and violence of the superpower establishing the capitulation of the current government of Maduro to favor the temporary government as “causas belium”. Which means, either capitulation of the oppressed country of the imperialist war of aggression, does not matter the form that the military intervention adopts.

This direct aggression of Yankee imperialism, headed by Trump-Pence, to change the government of Venezuela for a Yankee puppet one would imply the change of the semi-colonial situation of Venezuela into a colonial one. These imperialists, in the name of the struggle against “dictatorship” and for “democracy and freedom” intend to submit the Venezuelan people to colonial slavery. It constitutes the most shameless intimidation, interference, control and aggression by the United States against an oppressed nation of the Third World violating the national independence, the national sovereignty and dignity of the country and in the international juridical order that is an expression of its world hegemony – the ONU letter, or the OEA, etc.

Imperialism allows itself to act in a presumptive and shameless form against a formally independent country through its condition of single hegemonic superpower and self-appointed world gendarme; because it is the principal imperialism that imposes its semi-colonial rule over Venezuela as well as the other countries of Latin America, principal base of its world domination (backyard), a situation that was deepened during the years of the current regime of Chávez-Maduro; who, as representatives of the big bureaucratic bourgeoisie of its country, despite their discourse and secondary contradictions with the successive governments that USA has increasingly submitted the country to the economic rule of Yankee imperialism through its principal and practically only exportation product, oil, while associating to its direct foreign investment and increasing its financial dependence from Wall Street. However they further opened the country to the penetration of other imperialist powers, did not break with Yankee imperialism, then trying to ride two horses. Increasing the imperialist contend for the exploitation of the country and turning Venezuela an increasingly sharpened inter-imperialist contend arena

Now, more than ever, the New Democracy revolution that put an end to imperialism domination, to semifeudality and bureaucratic capitalism, which means the three mountains that oppresses the people, demands for its concretion through the People’s War led by the proletariat through its militarized marxist-leninist-maoist Communist Party.

The current regime in Venezuela was established in February 2, 1999, while riding on the struggle of the masses against the so called privatization and the “packages” that the previous governments of the comprador faction attempted to impose. The fury of the masses that was expressed in “Caracazo” (1989) has momentarily obstructed the desires of the comprador, principally linked to USA, to completely take everything the landlord-bureaucratic state had accumulated for decades.

Now, with the deepening of the crisis of the country, the Yankee imperialists and the lackeys at their service, the moment has come to further completely appropriate the great riches of the country through the imposition of a puppet government: aiming the oil of Venezuela in the first place, the biggest reserve of the world, and to get advantage of the excellent conditions that this country offers for the exploitation by the imperialist finance capital. By establishing its colonial slavery through a puppet government, the Yankee imperialists would not share the economical monopoly over Venezuela with many other imperialists (semicolonial character), but would establish its exclusive imperialist economic monopoly over the country (colonial character).

Just how it has always been, it is the people who has to defend the country. The Venezuelan people has to broadly mobilize in order to prevent the danger of capitulation that is expressed by the representatives of Maduro government as the tendency to commitment, which has been openly or hiddenly expressed by those who fear the power of imperialism and consequently propose the inevitable subjugation of the nation, because they do not trust in the power of the people and the solidarity of the peoples of the world.

For the revolutionaries, imperialism is a colossus with clay feet, paper tiger and the guns are not decisive, but men, the masses. Other ones put their hopes to overcome the threat of colonial subjugation of the country, principally in the foreign help from another superpower, Russia (the skinny dog) or the Chinese social-imperialists, through economic help, weapons, etc. or through diplomatic mediation. The last one is linked to the doubt these people have regarding if the enemy will attack: some consider it a probability, other say there is no chance.

On their part, the Yankee imperialists, through their representatives, have declared that the politics of the USA regarding Venezuela is established. Whoever imagine that it is possible a deal with USA that do not imply the capitulation of the government of the country and the handing over of independence and sovereign of Venezuela, only live illusion. The national security advisor of Trump, Bolton, let an official document where is demonstrated that they are mobilizing for direct military aggression be shown: “deploy 5.000 troops to Colombia”. Furthermore, just like in the wars of the Middle East, the imperialist powers act in collusion and contend with the Yankees to drive Maduro into capitulation. The German government has demanded the immediate venue of “free and fair” elections and has indicated that is willing to acknowledge Guaidó temporarily as the leader of the puppet state as long as those primary elections are summoned. The same with England, France, Spain, etc.

It corresponds to the government of Venezuela to reject the capitulation and let all commitment policy aside, the political situation entered the stage of preparation for the national resistance against the imperialist aggression, they have to assume the challenge and mobilize and broadly arm the people, as well as the armed forces in order to safeguard the national independence, the national sovereign and the territorial integrity to dedicate them in a hard national resistance war against the foreign aggression.

Maduro government, demonstrating political myopia, took long time to recognize that they were facing a state coup that was applied by imperialism through its lackeys, considering central the main responsibility in the “opposition” as it was an internal affair, which means, in the functionaries and not the employer; facing the action of Trump government to impose the puppet government, acknowledging Guairó as the “temporary president”, they announced the break with diplomatic relations with USA, etc, which they clarified it did not mean a break with the USA but only with its government; they did not dispose of the mobilization of all the forces of the nation to face imperialism aggression as it should have been done with the military mobilization of their forces and the masses; neither immediately applying the punishment measures against the lackeys that have carried out all sort of crimes against the Venezuelan people to serve Yankee imperialism.

Despite the change of the internal and external situation that are determined by the direct imperialist aggression, they intend to keep maneuvering without the energy, decision and wholeness, speaking of “dialogue”, of “peace”. In similar situations, despite having the same class limitations than Maduro, others have dared and elected the path of resistance.

It corresponds to the proletariat and the people to put an end in all the talks that impedes a more forceful rejection to the imperialist ultimatum and the adequate preparation for the resistance, to oppose the military aggression to the invincible Resistance War against Yankee imperialism.

The proletariat and the people from Venezuela, combative as always, is uprising with a great patriotic feeling and deep hatred to imperialism and all its lackeys in the country and abroad with which demands the government of Maduro to reject the capitulation, that they fulfill their duty and abandon any hope that centering on dialogue with the lackeys or diplomatic treaties with the imperialists would make them abandon their ongoing plan.

It corresponds to the proletariat of Venezuela, the most advanced within them, the Maoists, to uphold the slogan of forging a broad anti-imperialist national united single front; to merge with the workers, peasants, petty bourgeois, national bourgeois and members of all other classes that are willing to face the imperialist aggressor and its lackeys excepting a handful of traitors, it corresponds to actively impulse the general taking up of arms by the people in the countryside and the city to prepare for a broad war of resistance, as armed struggle, striving to lead it and struggle to reconstitute their Communist Party along the course, as a militarized Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Party, to transform the armed struggle of resistance into People’s War of national liberation. It corresponds to the maoists to prepare the application of a broad guerrilla warfare that takes the countryside as principal and the cities as necessary complement.

It corresponds to unite to all of those who does not want to be slaves of the United States, all those who are for conquering true independence, national sovereign and dignity of the country, all those who refuse to submit to intimidations, interference, control and aggression from the Yankee imperialists. With all those, it corresponds to unite and mobilize them while opposing the calls for conciliation, peace or privileging negotiations before resolutely acting to smash the Yankee imperialism aggression that started to develop under the form of state coup at the moment.

As representatives of the proletariat and of its blooming vanguard, it corresponds to the Maoists, from the principle of the independence and self-determination, to apply unity and struggle with other forces that started to form the people in the current political situation, where the contradiction nation-imperialism is becoming principal. It is necessary to demand to meticulously proceed to reform the system that is enforced in the army and the political system by widening democracy, develop the independent mass movement, put in motion the education for the national defense, repress the lackeys and other collaborationists, develop war industry and improve the life conditions of the people.

It is presented as utmost importance to raise the resistance program, which is of protracted nature in the current conditions. The resistance war of the people must point out into building a true Revolutionary Power (the New Power) and not the falsification of socialism of the 21th century, which has frustrated the people so much, but if the Power of a New Democracy on each part of the resistance, until expelling the invading enemy and smash all their worms and lackeys, for their establishing on all countries.

The peoples of Latin America, in order to safeguard the national independence and national sovereign, have the order to carry out the struggle “blow by blow” against the aggressive and genocidal Yankee imperialism, principal enemy of the peoples of the world.

The direct intervention of Yankee imperialism has begun with a state coup followed by a whole deployment and siege of forces to make Maduro government capitulate and subjugate the nation, it will not be stopped there if the objectives are not achieved, this increases on all fields until we reach their objectives and this is why it awakes and will awake a new wave against Yankee imperialism among the peoples of Latin America and the world.

It corresponds to the signing Parties and Organizations to assume the role of giving organizational expression to this new anti-imperialist wave, combating imperialism and it servants and lackeys on each country. We need to develop a broad and energetic world campaign to support the Venezuelan people against the Yankee imperialist aggression.

You, heroic Venezuelan people, there is no place for doubts, you are not alone on your struggle. The proletariat and oppressed peoples of the world are together to the people of Venezuela. You have the support of the proletariat of United States and Canada, from the proletariat of the imperialist countries of Europe and Asia, and from all peoples of Latin America, Asia, Africa, to support the peoples of the whle world.

Facing the direct aggression of Yankee imperialism to Venezuela and the peoples of South America, it is up to our peoples to raise in revolution and face the imperialist war of aggression with more People’s War.

Venezuela and all Latin America will be the tombstone of the Yankee imperialist hordes!

Venezuelan people, renounce illusions and prepare for resistance!

Imperialism and all reactionaries are paper tigers!

The struggle of the peoples of the world against Yankee imperialism will win!


Communist Party of Ecuador – Red Sun

Peru People’s Movement (Reorganization Committee)

Communist Party of Brazil (Red Fraction)

Red Fraction of the Communist Party of Chile

Nucleus for the Reconstitution of the Communist Party of Colombia


Building Committee of the Maoist Communist Party of Galiza

Committee Red Flag - FRG

Maoist Communist Party of Italy

Revolutionary Nucleus for the Reconstitution of the Communist Party of Mexico

Proletärer I alla länder, förena er!

Resolution av klassolidaritet med folkkrigen i världen
III. Mötet av marxist-leninist-maoistiska partier och organisationer i Europa

Partierna och Organisationerna av det III. Mötet skickar sina varmaste hälsningar till de Kommunistiska Partierna i världen som för folkkrig för den nydemokratiska revolutionen i sina respektive länder och i tjänst för den Proletära Världsrevolutionen, och så väl som alla de kombatanter och massor under deras ledarskap. I folkkrigen i Peru, Indien, Turkiet och Filippinerna,  befinner sig kamrater som vågar strida och betala priset med sitt dyrbara blod, kamrater som står i kampens mitt för att sopa bort imperialismen från Jordens yta. Deras orubberliga beslutsamhet att uppnå, med den huvudsakliga och mest utvecklade formen av klasskamp, som är folkkrig, den nydemokratiska revolutionen, för att utan uppbrått gå vidare till den socialistiska revolutionen och sedan marschera vidare till kommunismen genom kulturrevolutioner, utgör ett strålande fyrtorn för det internationella proletariatet  och världens folk. 

I mitten av att vidare förkropsliga marxismen-leninismen-maoismen bland det internationella proletariatet och uppkomsten av nya organisationer och partier som manifesterar sig som en del av den nya stora vågen av den proletära världsrevolutionen, de Kommunistiska Partierna som för folkkrig spelar en viktig roll som avantgarde, speciellt de i de förtryckta nationerna som är den proletära världsrevolutionens stormcenter. En seger i någon utav dessa folkkrig kommer vända pendeln mer i revolutionens favor och ha stora påverkningar på balansen mellan revolution och kontrarevolution på världsnivå.

Varje aktion, varje steg mot ny makt och varje slag mot reaktionen glädjer oss; varje stupad kamrat fyller oss med mer beslutsamhet att arbeta och kämpa hårdare för att fastställa imperialismens förfall. Från Europa, lovar vi att öka våra försök att stödja dem på alla nödvändiga sätt för att folkkrigen skall bli segerrika och fördubbla våra försök att underlätta utvecklingen av folkkrigen i alla länder.

Leve folkkrigen i världen!

November 2018


Maoistiska Kommunistiska Partiet av Frankrike
Tjen Folket – Kommunistiskt Förbund
Kollektivet Röda Fanan 
Kommittéerna för grundandet av det (Maoistiska) Kommunistiska Partiet, Österrike 
Kommittée Röda Fanan – BRD
Turkiets Kommunistiska Parti/Marxist-Leninisterna
Folkrörelsen Peru (Reorganiseringskommitten)

Proletärer i alla länder, förena er!


Resolution för att försvara de revolutionära politiska- och krigsfångarna och de som har försvunnit av reaktionen

III. Mötet av marxist-leninist-maoistiska partier och organisationer i Europa

Vi, de deltagande Partierna och Organisationerna på det III. Mötet av marxist-leninist-maoistiska Partier och Organisationer tar fast ställning för de revolutionära politiska- och krigsfångarna i hela världen och skickar våra varmaste revolutionära hälsningar till dem. De håller vår klass´ ståndpunkt högt, deras beslutsamhet att inte förfalla till ruttet förädderi och deras oförsonbara ställning i de kamper som har tagit in dem i fiendens sikte är en sann insperation för världens revolutionärer.


De som strider mot imperialismen på de utsugna och förtrycktas sida blir ett större mål för förföljelse av de kontrarevolutionära styrkorna. Med alla nödvändiga medel, försöker reaktionen att kuva alla former av revolutionär kamp. Genom fängslanden, tvingade försvinnanden, tortyr, hot eller förnekande av grundläggande rättigheter, arberar reaktionen för att bryta eller döda revolutionärerna och låsa in dem i sina fängelser.


Över hela världen, kan vi se exempel på kamrater som riskerar sin frihet och hälsa för att strida emot utsugning och förtryck. I Norge så väl som i Frankrike, kan vi nu se hur unga antifascister jagas och förföljs för deras skoningslösa kamp mot fascism. I Förenta Staterna blir uppkommande revolutionärer plågade av en uppsjö av anklagelser, då staten hoppas att avskräcka dem från att fortskrida i fasta steg. I Mexiko fabriceras falska och politiskt motiverade angklagelser för att spärra in folkledare och aktivister, som har dedikerat sina liv för att tjäna folket, så som Dr. Ernesto Sernas García som försvann utan spår i ett ögonblick, genom det gemensamma statliga utövandet av försvinnanden. I det kända fallet av de 23 i Brasilien försöker staten att uppnå, med falska anklagelser, att göra ett exempel av de 23 unga demonstranterna, aktivisterna och revolutionärerna som anklagas för hela den upproriska och kombativa ungdomen, strider mot det lidande som har ålagts det brasilianska folket som i imperialismens tjänst. Genom att försvara de revolutionära kamraterna som attackerats av reaktionen, vill vi också uttrycka vår avsky mot alla som använder ”solidariteten”, speciellt med de 23, för att sprida förvirring i den Internationella Kommunistiska Rörelsen och folkrörelsen för att kunna maskera sin egna kapitulation. Den turkiska regeringen - ökänd för sina massakrar av fängslade revolutionärer, i sammarbete med den tyska staten - går så långt som att jaga och förfölja demokratiska och revolutionära aktivister, till och med utomlands, som fängslandet av de tio revolutionärerna 2015 än en gång visat. I Filippinerna använder den ruttna gamla staten krigsrätt för att olagligt häkta och döda demokratiska rättsaktivister och revolutionära ledare av ursprungsbefolkningen Lumad. Fallet av den indiska Prof. GN Saibaba är synonymt med de brott som reaktionen har begått mot alla de som har fängslats för det demokratiska arbetet i detta fängelse av folken. Kommunistiska militanter som kamrat Ajith jagas, och om de lämnas vid liv, spärras de in under den fars som är rättssystemet, där de efter att ha avtjänat sin dom, får ett nytt fall kastat i ansiktet på sig, detta är för att förhindra att de skall kunna lämna fängelset tills dess att deras ackumulerade sjukdomar gör så att de dör i en kraftigt bevaked sjukhussäng.


Trots att fast staten, med all sin styrka, försöker att bryta och förhandla med dessa revolutionärer och kamrater står de fast vid deras övertygelser och ger inte efter för erbjudanden från statens instututioner. Det mest lysande exemplet av detta heroiska ställningstagande kan ses på Flottbasen Callao, där Ordförande Gonzalo, Anförare för Perus Kommunistiska Parti, har varit fänglad i mer än 20 år, utan att knäckas, utan tvärtom fortskrider hans beslutsamhet i isolation för att omvandla sin underjordiska högsäkerhetscell till den mest lysande skyttegraven av kamp.


Denna kamp utanför och innanför reaktionens fängelser är inte förgäves, utan manifesterar och återverkas mitt i våra kamper. Vi ser det som vår plikt att upphöja deras uppofringar, kämpa för deras frigivning och att försvara deras liv genom att försvara, propagera och deltaga i deras rättfärdiga kamper, så att de kan välkommnas så snart som möjligt i sina familjers, vänners och kamraters famnar och återansluta sig till revolutionens led på utsidan.


November 2018


Maoistiska Kommunistiska Partiet av Frankrike
Tjen Folket – Kommunistiskt Förbund
Kollektivet Röda Fanan 
Kommittéerna för grundandet av det (Maoistiska) Kommunistiska Partiet, Österrike 
Kommittée Röda Fanan – BRD
Turkiets Kommunistiska Parti/Marxist-Leninisterna
Folkrörelsen Peru (Reorganiseringskommitten)

Proletärer i alla länder, förena er!


Resolution vid det III. Mötet av marxist-leninist-maoistiska partier och organisationer i Europa 
III. Mötet av marxist-leninist-maoistiska partier och organisationer i Europa

Vi, de marxist-leninist-maoistiska Partierna och Organisationerna höll vårt III. Möte som fortsatte det I. och II. Mötets kurs, vilket reste till liv iniativet av det V. Mötet av marxist-leninist-maoistiska partier och organisationer i Latinamerika. Den framgångsrika slutsatsen av det III. Mötet markerar ännu en milstolpe i den pågående processen av att enas i teoretisk debatt samt i enad aktion. På marxismen-leninismen-maoismen, huvudsakligen maoismens grund, och i vår pågående kamp för ideologisk enhet idag, alltid obevekligen förenad med kampen mot revisionismen, kommer vi öka våra ansträngningar för att tjäna den proletära världsrevolutionen.


Baserat på dessa principer har enheten mellan deltagande partier och organisationer fördjupats och vi är engagerade i att kämpa för att inkludera alla partier och organisationer på denna kontinent som är villiga att på denna grundval förena sig med oss. Vi skickar våra särskilda hälsningar till de partier och organisationer från andra länder, som, trots att de var inbjudna, inte hade möjlighet att deltaga pågrund av särskilda problem. Vi hälsar de åtaganden som gjorts i deras uttalanden och vi fortsätter att kämpa för att inkludera dem så väl som andra kommunistiska krafter, från alla delar av kontinenten, i våra enade ansträngningar.


Vi skickar även våra hjärtliga hälsningar till de marxist-leninist-maoistiska partier och organisationer  i den proletära världsrevolutionens stormcenter, i de förtryckta länderna och speciellt de i frontenlinjen av kamperna. Folkkrigen i Peru, Indien, Turkiet, och Filippinerna är en ledfyr av inspiration och stärker vår revolutionära beslutsamhet. Vår position är klar och alla borde veta att vi ser dessa folkkrig som våra egna kamper och därför förkastar vi totalt varje attack mot dem som en attack mot själva kärnan av vårt revolutionära engagemang och vi förkastar varje likvidering av väpnad kamp och varje kapitulationistisk ställningstagande av ”fredsavtal” eller andra samarbete med imperialismen, revisionismen, och reaktionen. Rörande folkkriget i Turkiet anser vi, som en konsekvens av ett antal ondskefulla händelser som nyligen ägt rum, det  är nödvändigt att understryka, att det är en grundläggande princip för varje kommunistiskt, revolutionärt och till och med revolutionistiskt parti, likaså organisation, rörelse eller individ att man under inga som helst omständigheter kan samarbeta med den gamla staten, vare sig det är ett imperialistiskt eller ett godsherre-byråkratkapitalistiskt land, för att attackera styrkorna i de led som folkets massor besitter. Att göra detta är brottsligt och därför fördömmer vi starkt de som nyligen angivit våra turkiska kamrater till polisen samt andra statliga tjänstemän och vi kräver ett omedelbart tillbakadragande av dessa anklagelser. Vi står fast bakom den kamp de revolutionära styrkorna i Turkiet bedriver.

Vi ser klart hur kommunisterna i världen djärvt och snabbt går fram, oavsett om det är partierna som leder folkkrig eller om det är de som kämpar för att konstituera eller rekonstituera sina partier för att inleda folkkrig. Maoismen går frammåt mer och mer i att leda den nya stora vågen av den proletära världsrevolutionen. Det finns ett skriande behov att yttligare ge impuls till och utveckla de pågående ansträngningarna för att förena världens kommunister. Vi tar fast upp uppgiften att kämpa för den Enade Internationella Maoistiska Konferensen och hängivet göra allt i vår makt till att bidra till dess framgång. 

Förena er under maoismen!

Seger till folkkrigen!

Frammåt i kampen för rekonstitueringen av de Kommunistiska Partierna!

Frammåt till den enade internationella maoistiska konferensen!

November 2018


Maoistiska Kommunistiska Partiet av Frankrike
Tjen Folket – Kommunistiskt Förbund
Kollektivet Röda Fanan 
Kommittéerna för grundandet av det (Maoistiska) Kommunistiska Partiet, Österrike 
Kommittée Röda Fanan – BRD
Turkiets Kommunistiska Parti/Marxist-Leninisterna
Folkrörelsen Peru (Reorganiseringskommitten)

The following is a recent statement by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) that we mirror here:

Observe Protest Week between 25 and 31 January 2019 against the 'Samadhan' counter-revolutionary offensive!

Make successful the daylong Bharat Bandh on 31 January 2019!

Unite to fight and defeat the Brahmanical Hindu-fascist forces by using all means and forms of struggle

In the beginning of September, amidst the development of a series of chauvinistically motivated violence after the murder Daniel Hillig in Chemnitz, that went around the world, comrades from Austria published a clear statement from the Antifascist Group Saualpe (Koroška/Kärnten) denouncing the fake antifascism of the right-liquidationist group known as "Jugendwiderstand". Henceforth, we document the translation of the letter:

Today we publish an important debate article that was written by a comrade from the United States. In a very concise form, it defends fundamental principles of Marxism and shows, how the communists throughout the world consequently combat the Right within the ICM.

Hence, we recommend all our readers to study this document thoroughly and we will publish a German translation in the next days.

Editorial staff of Dem Volke Dienen