On the following we publish english extracts from the article published by El Comunero as part of the International Campaign "#DrSernasPresentedAlive" together with a video of an action that took place at the entrance of the consulate of Mexico in the city of Medellin.

On September 8, a demonstration against the proposal of a new police law from the Lower Saxony Federal State took place in Hannover and with around 15.000 people attended. The demonstration was very broad, people from the bourgeois parties, the football fans and a big number of antifascist participated. And, despite that many of the present did not reject the imperialist system, this shows that the masses reject the growing fascist tendency of the German state.

Joint statement from different organizations in Oaxaca

We publish an English translation of the statement made by different organizations in Oaxaca:

We forward the statement made by the webpage Punalippu as part of the campaign of support to the political prisoners and the 23 in Brazil and condemning the action of the Brazilian state.


Freedom to Igor Mendes and all comrades condemned by the old state of Brazil!


We direct the following words to our comrades in Brazil, to the international communist movement, and to our friends in Finland. In July the old state of Brazil captured 23 comrades for the protests and resistance organized prior to and during FIFA 2014 against the anti-people misspending and evictions. They are threatened with several years long, even 13 years prison sentences. Among them is also the leader of the revolutionary youth of Brazil, Igor Mendes, the likes of who must be raised in all countries from the righteous rebellion to overthrow all reactionaries.

The Brazilian reaction which is sinking into an ever deepening crisis, is waging a doomed struggle to stretch its life expectancy. The agrarian revolutionary movement relying on poor peasantry, with the League of Poor Peasants as its brightest expression, is developing as an unstoppable component of the new democratic revolution with martyrs accumulating ever so often. Thus the days of the bureaucratic bourgeoisie and landowners are dwindling, because as in the countryside, also in the cities a magnificent revolutionary movement is being constructed with communist leadership. With growing consciousness of that we express solidarity to the 23 comrades hardened by class struggle, being certain that the white terror resorting to ever more cowardly measures can not prevent the sun of new democracy rising and shining through prison walls.

Igor Mendes, son of the Brazilian people, fighter of the international proletariat, is not alone! His generation will see the Brazil of new democracy, as well as the destruction of imperialism with people’s war. We praise the unyielding struggle of the revolutionaries of Brazil as an inspiring example to the proletariat also in Finland. Our material force here is still a future perspective, but our work illuminated by our internationally shared only correct ideology, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, shall fulfill the promise that already before the dawn of the revolution’s victory in oppressed countries, also the communists in Finland will serve the world proletarian revolution with the perseverance and self-sacrifice of our best Brazilian comrades.

August 2018
Red Flag Collective (Finland)

With information of articles published on A Nova Democracia.

Hundreds of people have marched on the streets of Rio de Janeiro city center last August 14, for supporting the 23 activists who were recently sentenced to up to 13 years of prison, for the right of demonstration, against the military intervention, against the genocide of the poor and black people on the favelas and repudiating the political murder of Marielle Franco.
The demonstration was called by the “Não é só pelos 23, é por todas e todos que lutam!” (It is not only for the 23, is for everyone who struggle!) Campaign.

March on the streets of Rio de Janeiro

The demonstration was marked by the massive presence of mothers and family of the victims who were murdered by the old state´s repressive apparatus and also had the participation of progressive activists, members of revolutionary, popular, student and democratic movements.
At the end of the demonstration, in front of the Counselor’s Chamber, some activists held speeches denouncing the old state for the genocide in the favelas, the pursuit of the 23 and reaffirming the path of resistance. They made an international call for solidarity for all who struggle.


Pictures of the families of victims of the old state´s genocide against the poor people in the favelas

Speeches in front of the Counselor´s Chamber

The international campaign began with this demonstration and many organizations across the world have already made many actions and statements.

In Chile: democratic entities have repudiated the reactionary sentence. Many people´s lawyers´ organizations have made statements pointing out that the sentence is a grave attack against the democratic rights of free expression, demonstration and protest. Also the El Pueblo newspaper made a statement. Also many artists and democrats expressed support on a video.

In Colombia: the El Comunero newspaper also denounced the sentence and supported the 23.

In Germany: many of actions and paintings were made echoing the call for the campaign in many cities like Bremen, Hamburg, Weimar and Berlin. We also made a statement supporting the 23. Also a statement of New Democracy Assossiation Hamburg made a statement.

In Equator: The Front for the Defense of the People´s Struggles (FDLP) also made a statement supporting the 23.

In the USA: the Red Guards Austin made a long statement in support of the 23, followed by actions of support by the Red Guards Kansas City and Pittsburgh.

In Austria: solidarity actions were made at Vienna, Linz, Innsbruck and Salzburg. The Austrian activists have chanted the slogans for the campaign.

In Denmark: paintings supporting the 23 political prisoners were made in Copenhagen.

In Sweden: there were paintings supporting the 23 in Stockholm.

In Greece: revolutionary activists of Partizan have made a solidarity action during a football game in the Olympic Stadium of Athens. They held banners supporting the 23 and all who struggle.

In the Balkans: a joint activity with revolutionaries from Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Turkey and Austria made a video supporting the 23.

In Galicia: the Central Committee of the Maoist Communist Party of Galicia made a statement supporting the 23 activists and repudiating the sentence.

The Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi, who was recently released from Prison in Israel, shown solidarity to the 23.

In Mexico: the Current of the People Sol Rojo Oaxaca website published a statement supporting the 23.

In Norway: The website Tjen Folket Media also released a statement supporting the 23.

In France: the Maoist Communist Party of France also made a statement supporting the 23.

Many organizations are still taking position for this campaign.

In the following we like to document a video interview with Professor Tsien about how the Great Proletarian Culture Revolution impacted the universities and himself personally. Prior to it, he nursed thoughts of imitating the model of the Yankees and Social-imperialist Russia as he considered them superior to Chinas universities. He was selfish and through out 20 years of his university career and only had his own ego in mind. He despised his son for choosing a workers path.

We publish an inofficial translation of a declaration of french comrades:

Before the football world cup was held in Brazil in 2014, major mass demonstrations, particularly involving the popular youth, took place to protest against holding of such a miserable cover for the propaganda of the comprador regime, against the immense waste of resources, against the bloody anti-people's attacks of "cleansing" and against the destruction of several hundred dwellings which was required for it to take place.

Freedom for the 23 Brazilian activists – Freedom for Igor Mendes

The Brazilian people are fighting – and the revolutionary activists stand in the midst of the struggle. Tjen Folket Media [Serve the People Media] greets the 23, who recently got sentenced to long-term imprisonment, for the struggle against the football circus four years ago. We condemn the Brazilian state and its fascist oppression against the masses. We want to contribute to revealing the myth about "development" in Brazil and other oppressed countries. We want to bring forth the revolutionary activists and especially the activist Igor Mendes.