The reply to the information request made by the "Linksfraktion" in the German Federal Parliament clarifies, that a wanted list with images of 24 alleged culprits was send on the 13th of April "to selected European countries by the State Office of Criminal Investigations Hamburg". Among these are the "Guardia Civil Counter Terrorism Unit"  in Spain, the "State Security Division" in Greece and the "SO15 Counter Terrorism Command" in Great Britain. Furthermore, another press conference of Hamburgs Police is scheduled to take place tomorrow, in which new photos of protesters are to be published.

Hamburgs Police has supposedly forwarded information requests to a total of 15 foreign Security Services. The statement, it would be about "investigations concerning Heavy Breaches of the Peace, Arson and Dangerous Criminal Assault" show, that – as it was stated in the Article "Witch Hunt in the FRG" – people who supposedly committed Heavy Breaches of the Peace, for example simply participating in a demonstration, are dealt with the same way as those who are accused of "Dangerous Criminal Assault" in order to also now sow terror in the revolutionary movement in the rest of Europe.

How people are dealt with in the course of this witch hunt, even though no crime was to be proven, the example of Konstantin P. also shows very well. After being in pretrial detention for four Months he was convicted to pay 400€ because he supposedly "Resisted his Arrest", which in this case amounts to "moving his legs" while being tackled by four pigs. Because of this sentence, and because he will have to pay a part of the costs of trial, rather not very much of the 2.600€ recompense. which he received for being wrongly imprisoned for four Months, will be left. P.s lawyer too, coined this trial "an insolence" and recognized, that in the framework of G20, the separation of power as well as the state of law would be brought down".

The reports about the numbers of foreigners among the demonstrators and those who rebelled are an expression of two tendencies: One one hand, imperialist chauvinism, from which point of view every "perpetrator" must necessarily be some "uncivilized foreigner" and, on the other hand, they attempted to deny the rebellion of the masses in Germany. They try to frame it like the masses in Germany would not have a reason to rebel. Every worker, jobless, every proletarian knows that it is not like that. They know: It's right to rebel!