In the recent weeks, alleged members of the oppressed Rohingya, a Muslim minority, have carried out several armed actions against the reactionary state in the Rakhine State (administrative region) of Myanmar.


On June 22, a convoy of border guards were ambushed in Rathedaung Township. Three policemen were killed in this attack, but the details of the action are not known.


On June 14, a sub inspector of the police were killed in Kyauk Taw township. He was stepped dead by knife on his way home from the police station. According to army officials a similar attack was carried out on a sergeant before.


On June 13, several border guard forces were wounded due an attack on a border guard outpost also in Rathedaung Township. After an 15 minutes lasting exchange of fire the attackers retreated without losses.


On May 29, a police outpost on the Mayu River’s bank in Rathaetaung Township were attacked and raided. Four police officers were killed and ten further person were arrested by the attackers, including the family of an officer. The family members were released two days later and only the police forces were held.


According to the news agency of Aljazeera members of the reactionary armed forces of the state of Myanmar burned down around 200 houses in the village of Let Kar in the Rakhine State. These reports are supported by satellite images.


Satellite imagery is consistent with witness accounts of the time of the fires and number of buildings affected during the attack on an ethnic Rakhine village [Courtesy of Human Rights Watch]


In the past we published several articles about the armed struggle in Myanmar and on the situation of the Rohingya in general.