On Saturday, December 21st there was a demonstration in Buxtehude, Lower Saxony, against the G20 judge Johann Krieten who is living there. Krieten became known for his arbitrary judgments after the fightings at the G20 summit in Hamburg in summer 2017.

At the beginning of 2018, he sentenced a 21-year-old demonstrator to a two-year and seven-month sentence without probation for allegedly throwing a bottle at a policeman and sentenced another person to three and a half years. In both cases, no policeman was injured. The judgment was even hotly debated in the bourgeois press.

 To protest against this state arbitrariness and repression, several dozen activists gathered in Buxtehude on Saturday. But the demonstration was stopped about 800 meters in front of the Krietens house by the police.

Bildergebnis für demo buxtehude twitter"

The action was deeply condemned in the bourgeois media and the judges' association called it "a perfidious attack [...] and influencing judicial decisions". The Justice Senator said that a red line had been crossed and a new escalation level has been reached. This hysteria shows the fear of the bourgeoisie and its representatives, the contradictions are also worsening in the FRG. Aswe can also see in the attack on the Hamburg Interior Senator a week earlier.