The Bundeswehr has to become a "power of design", so the Defense Minister of the FRG Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer called it.

On Tuesday, November 12, several pledges of recruits were held in the FRG, one of them in Berlin in front of the Reichstags building. Here was also the German Minister of Defense Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer on site. In a subsequent interview with the public broadcaster, ZDF, she spoke of wanting to increase the reputation of the Bundeswehr. She wants to make the Bundeswehr visible and place it the center of society. According to the Defense Minister, the Bundeswehr is too often put in a bad light and against this is to be fought.

Verteidigungsministerin: Verteidigungsministerin Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer feiert am Berliner Reichstag mit Rekruten der Bundeswehr den 64. Gründungstag der Armee.

Already on November 6 she demanded that the Bundeswehr has to take a stronger international role to keep the German trade routes, as she calls it. At the same time, Germany should not only be involved in international missions, but above all should initiate own ones. A national security council is to be created for this purpose, she also demands faster parliamentary decisions on Bundeswehr operations and the exhaustion of all military means., "We have to be open about that, like any other country in the world, we have our own strategic interests." Like no other country, the Federal Republic "relies on the fact that we have free trade based on rules" and that there are "open trade routes".

Currently, the Bundeswehr is active in New States with more than 3,000 soldiers, as well as in the Mediterranean Sea and the Horn of Africa.

Infografik Karte Auslandseinsätze Bundeswehr DE

In 2010, the German Federal President Horst Köhler had to resign because of similar comments. At that time he said that "a country of our greatness with this foreign trade orientation ... must know that ... in an emergency, military intervention is necessary to safeguard our interests, for example free trade routes".

Jahresrückblick Deutschland 2010 Gesichter Horst Köhler (picture-alliance/dpa)

The plans of the Minister of Defense even violate the bourgeois constitution of the FRG. The civic spelling says that the Bundeswehr may only be used to defend the FRG. By joining the UN and NATO, the powers of the Bundeswehr have been extended, so the force may also be used when the UN or NATO request to the Bundeswehr in a specific mission. But to wage aggressive wars independently was too reactionary, even for the writers of the reactionary Basic Law.

These statements, plans and demands fit well into the current campaign of the FRG, in which it tries to evolve from an imperialist superpower to an imperialist superpower. For this it is necessary to increase the Bundeswehr in personnel and material to be able to fight internationally for a larger piece of the cake in order to oppress and control the oppressed nations not only economically but also militarily means. In addition, the FRG is promoting a strong militarization of society inwardly, occupations by police  such as at the G20 summit in Hamburg and the public presence of the army should become the norm. It is not for nothing that the police and the Bundeswehr are increasingly training in counterinsurgency in imperialist countries. They are afraid of the justified rebellion of the people.

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