Yesterday, a small detachment of revolutionaries in Austin surprised “Democratic Socialists of America” (DSA) US House candidate Heidi Sloan showering her with leaflets, announcing this years boycott campaign for the elections and hitting her with paint-filled eggs. Furthermore, posters and graffiti have surfaced in the city, likewise calling for the boycott of the elections and to fight for revolution.

Social-democratic DSA is well known for their scheme of dressing in revolutionary garb, while doing a vital service for US Imperialism in channeling the anger of the masses into the same old beaten tracks of parliamentarianism, going so far as to support candidates of the Democrats, such as Obama, the Green Party or parliamentary cretins like Sanders. Their section in Austin went so far as to nominate a police union organizer for a national DSA representative – all while claiming to be “progressive” or even “revolutionary”. Their hatred for everything revolutionary goes so far, that in an antifascist rally Monday last week, they chose to rather undermine the unity of the antifascists in order to promote their agenda, then to combat the fascists or at least express solidarity with those confronting them and the police.

Boykott 2020 DSA

The covering of their candidate in leaflets and paint however is not the only action that took place in developing the boycott campaign in Austin. In the streets surrounding Givens park, a historically Black working class neighborhood, election boycott graffiti and leaflets were prevalent on walls and electrical boxes, with slogans such as “Don’t Vote, Fight for Revolution!” and “Elections, No! Revolution, Yes!”.

Boykott 2020 1

Boykott 2020 2

Boykott 2020 3