In the ongoing contest for power between the comprador and bureaucratic fraction of the big bourgeoisie in Bolivia president Morales, along with with other top officials of the ruling clique such as vice president Linera, have resigned from their posts and today fled the country in the direction of Mexico. After Sunday’s verdict of the Organization of American States, that large-scale manipulation took place in the elections in the end of October, and the subsequent siding of the Commander-in-Chief against Morales a handover in the government seems on the horizon.

Comrades from Bolivia in an analysis of the countries situation, issued in the beginning of the year, described the situation in Bolivia as following (full translation):

„Evo Morales and his government are not leftist and much less anti-imperialist, it is a social-fascist government that carries out a program of a faction of the ruling classes, which conciliates and favors imperialism, the big bourgeoisie and the landlords, its program it does not aim at transforming the social system; on the contrary, it has served to save the old State from its general crisis and to restructure it.

But it also has strong contradictions that condition its actions. Evo Morales pays political bills to various sectors that support him (not simply the cocalero, peasant or mining unions under his command), including sectors of the big bourgeoisie. For example, throughout Bolivia, its alliance is with livestock sectors mainly (Beni and Pando), and its representatives are in parliament, in governments and mayor posts. These people do not come from the popular sectors at all, they were the alliances that Juan Ramón Quintana got, leader of the MAS and former Minister of the Presidency“

This brief expositions expounds on the fact, that Morales is aligned with several sections of the big bourgeoisie in opposition to others, while providing ample reason for the just hatred of the masses. Morales is a representative, closely linked with cliques from the bureaucratic fraction of the big bourgeoisie, that has been at the head of the Bolivian government for more then a decade now. A government, that over this last decade has increased the imperialist exploitation over the country through means such as Foreign Direct Investment, Sovereign Dept and the looting of the countries natural wealth. Particularly with the current prolonged impact of the world crisis caused by the imperialists and the deepening of the semi-colonial situation it is now apparent, that from the prior economic boom nothing much has remained in the country and that the society remained as „backwards and unequal“ as before. The semi-colonial and semi-feudal society in which bureaucratic capitalism is developing was maintained resulting in a greater decomposition of the old state and leas to the current political crisis of the reactionary regime, that rose to power in a moment when the economical situation allowed for manipulation of the masses whilst applying corporativsm and clientelism to contain their struggles. - This is how several Parties and Organizations in the ICM, many of them from Latin America, recently described the situation.

Considering the evaluation stated there, that this period has in common the “solving of their crisis” with “changes of government” or “a change of horses in the old landowner-bureaucratic state” in service of imperialism, principally Yankee imperialism one can see in Bolivia the hasty attempt of the imperialists, and particularly Yankee imperialism, to change horses while racing the cart downhill. The old horse, those of the bureaucratic fraction of the big bourgeoisie aligned with Morales, are currently being replaced in favor of another one from within the comprador faction of the big bourgeoisie, with the top command of the military, the police and the Organization of American States all having a hand in this coup, corresponding to the agenda of US Imperialism.

The masses will not be much fooled by this “solving of the political crisis” through such a measure however. With large scale militant boycott actions prior to the elections, have made a clear showing of this.