The media calls it the worst eruption of violence in Santiago for years: Mainly students protesting against the government that recently raised subway fares.


According to reports over 150 police officers were injured during the clashes. Metrostations were set ablaze. Im sum 41 station were destroyed. The whole Metro system in Santiago is closed down. Also Buses and cars were torched. Even the Enel Tower burned. The people set up barricades and set them ablaze. Protesters attacked reactionary forces with stones and battons.

Other cities like Vina del Mar and Valparaiso also people took to the streets.

The reactionary armed forces, police and military, tried to repress the rebellion by use of water cannons, chemical weapons, rubber bullets and so on. More than 300 people were reportedly arrested. President Sebastian Pinera declared the state of emergency for the first time since the end of the Pinochet-Regime in 1990.

The reason for the rebellion is not just the higher fares but an ever rising social unjust in one of the most "stable" countries in Latin America. But its economy is in trouble, the system in decay. Broad anger is usual especially about rising health care costs.

The following videos give an impression of the struggles: