For three weeks now, students throughout Colombia are on the streets against the blatant corruption in the public universities and the brutal repression by the state in response to their combative protests. The current wave of struggles was sparked after yet another scandal about the misuse of public funds broke the news (as reported here). With the Regional Elections on the horizon on the 27th of October, the countrywide day of action called for be the students to be held last Thursday this question was addressed in many of the protests.


While bourgeois candidates and parliamentary cretins of all shades and colors try to surf the wave of protest attempting to present themselves as the solution to the problems raised by the students, for many of the students it is clear that this is only a cheap attempt to bargain with their interests and channel their righteous anger in the same old parliamentary ways. Hence, many students organized to take down electoral propaganda such as posters and banners during their demonstration, emphasizing that also the self-proclaimed “alternative” and “independent” Parties are just the same as the rest.


Particularly in Medellin the student demonstration was marked by a firm rejection of the elections. From within the demonstration numerous banners were taken down, electoral propaganda overwritten with slogans and posters trashed. In the end, to the sheers of everyone, material collected during the protest was burned in a heap. In the forefront of these struggles stand also the comrades of the Revolutionary Youth League (in Spanish: Liga Juvenil Revolucionaria – LJR) and the Student Movement in Service of the People (in Spanish: Movimiento de Estudiantes al Servicio del Pueblo – MESP).


In the following we document a video of the actions that took place:


Col Wahlboykott 2019 3

Col Wahlboykott 2019 4

Col Wahlboykott 2019

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