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Alan Garcia former President of Peru from 1985 to 1990 and again from 2006 to 2011 is dead. He shot himself in the head this week, when the police came to arrest him on corruption charges.

Alan Garcia was directly responsible for the mass murders taking place in the prisons of El Frontón, Lurigancho und Santa Bárbara on the 19th of June 1986 and countless of others massacres. In his speech on the anniversary of the Day of Heroism Chairman Gonzalo stated, that Garcia is an "apprentice of the Führer". The only thing that surprises us is, how dedicated he followed his Führers example to the very end.

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One week ago, our dear comrade Luis was killed in an ambush prepared by the reaction. Comrades from Mexico have now published pictures from the commorative festivity in his honor, that we will mirror here alongside an article from US comrades:

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On the occasion of April 9, Day of the Heroes of the Brazilian People, we reproduce a note that was published by the AND staff in April last year.

April 9th is the Day of the Heroes of the Brazilian People. The date was thus declared by a proposal of the Revolutionary Front for the Defense of the People´s Rights (FRDDP) and assumed by the popular and democratic movements of the countryside and the city.

The chosen day is a tribute to the great revolutionary and peasant leader Renato Nathan Gonçalves Pereira. On April 9, 2012, Renato was cowardly tortured and executed in an ambush designed by henchmen serving latifundium, in collusion with the police forces of the old bourgeois-latifundium state.

The FRDDP has chosen this day to honor men and women who gave their lives and fought, resolutely and conscientiously, for the emancipation of our people and for the Revolution of a New Democracy uninterrupted to Socialism.

Besides Renato, we can mention other great examples of heroes and heroines of the Brazilian people who contributed enormously to the resumption of the revolutionary movement in Brazil. Outstanding are Cleomar Rodrigues, Élcio, Gilson, Luiz Lopes and Zé Bentão, all leaders of the LCP. In the city, the great revolutionary leader Sandra Lima - one of the founders of the FRDDP and one of the main formulators of the line of the People´s Women Movement - and the workers who had fallen in the battlefield of the Red Flag Village in 1999, in the city of Betim (metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte), as well as many others.

In a statement made in 2016, the FRDDP calls for their names to be glorified and for all revolutionary activists to arm themselves "mightily with their unfading examples." "Being more determined and resolute in giving life to our struggle and revolution is a matter of paramount importance to all and every fighter of the people, with more and more audacity, to sustain and develop them, facing and defeating the hysteria of the counterrevolution, all its truculence that we know in the history of our people and that surely, more and more, we will have to face and to overcome ".

"It is a decisive question for all revolutionaries who are determined to reject electoral opportunism and to struggle to rebuild the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Party to unleash the revolutionary armed struggle and, through the People's War, to carry out the Agrarian and Anti-imperialist Democratic Revolution, to conquer the Republic of a New Democracy, uninterruptedly going through Socialism and serving the World Revolution. ", Says the FRDDP.

On this date, thousands of revolutionary militants and communists celebrate the Day of the Heroes of the Brazilian People.

Translated from A Nova Democracia website.


On March 24 elections in Ecuador took place. It have been the elections of the regional and local parliaments, the mayors and the Civic Participation Council. the high number of 11,069 representatives, including deputies have been elected. Revolutionaries from Ecuador mobilized with a broad campaign to boycott the election, which was well received by the masses.

"In the midst of the repositioning and intensification of Yankee imperialism in our countries, the crisis of bureaucratic capitalism, the disgraceful behavior of the compliant regime of Moreno and the growing bankruptcy of revisionism and opportunism in this country, we are experiencing a new election farce, which has the goal of discharging the inner-bourgeois contradictions". That is what the Front for the Defense of Popular Struggle analyzed the role of this year's local and regional elections in their call for a boycott. The campaign was developed with a series of actions and posters.

Boykott Mobi Boykott Mobi
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In Ecuador there is compulsory voting, but even 17% of voters did not participate in the election, and 18% voted invalid. An even more clear expression have been the actions on election day itself: In 14 polling stations, the electricity was turned off by protests. In other parts of the country, the elections had to be ended as the masses stormed the polling stations. The police were on site with military equipment. In Esmeraldas (in the north) it was possible to attack polling stations anyway!

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On the 25th of March heavily armed paramilitaries breached the house off our Mexican comrade Bernardo Sánchez, who is a sympathizer of Sol Rojo, attacked him viciously and attempted to intimidate him and his family. This attack is part of a state sanctioned offensive against the people in the area of San Francisco del Mar, to force through the development plan of the Special Economic Zones despite all local resistance and to ensure the interests of European and American imperialism.

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The following corresponds to the graphic report published by the reactionary newspaper El País, which, in spite of the source, must be taken into account in order to weigh how the old semi-feudal and semicolonial Peruvian society, where a bureaucratic capitalism unfolds, develops, because there it is briefly and graphically shown, despite the limitations of the author's class, how the foreign direct investment of imperialism, in this case of Chinese social imperialism, does not bring true development, it does not serve to improve the productive forces of the country but binds them, distorts them and it is a source of greater misfortunes for the masses, in this case our immense peasant masses. Foreign direct investment does not bring more than a modernization (bureaucratic capitalism) of what suits imperialism, the world market, and its intermediary lackeys of the big bourgeoisie (comprador and bureaucratic) and the big landlords. Read the report:

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On the occasion of the 97th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Brazil (PCB), which was completed on March 25, 2019, we reproduce (in adapted form) an article that was published in Issue 207 of AND (1st half of April 2018).

On March 25, 2019, 97 years of the founding of the Communist Party of Brazil (PCB) is completed. Inspired by the Great Socialist October Revolution and the inauguration of a New Age of Humanity - the era of the world proletarian revolution - the Brazilian proletariat set out on the arduous and prestigious task of establishing its revolutionary party, the Communist Party.

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Having nothing significant to mark his visit to the USA, Bolsonaro seized the opportunity to crawl before the number one enemy of the peoples of the world, signing the agreement of concession of the rocket launching base of Alcântara, in the state of Maranhão, as a cover for the Yankee imperialism military base facility in Brazil.

Several attempts were made by the Yankees to seize a strategic part of the Brazilian territory, including by making sabotage on national initiatives, such as the explosion of a rocket launch coordinated by a project of the National Institute of Space Research of São José dos Campos, in which the life of 21 Brazilian scientists was taken.

Over the past six months, several of Trump government high-ranking officials has made inroads into the various ranks of the reactionary Armed Forces, especially the High Command, to ease the way to their heinous objective.

When they speak of "scientific and technological cooperation," they mean only transferring surpassed technology to Brazil, like the last shipment of discarded tanks sent to Brazil by the USA.

The Bolsonaros' subservience is such that everything indicates that the intention of the traitor and its clique is to reduce the condition of Brazil from a semicolony into the condition of protectorate of the Yankees. Its own supporters of agribusiness already complain that, isolating Brazil from its relationship with the rest of the world, especially from trading partners that leave foreign currency with the importation of Brazilian products (China, Russia, the Arab world and Africa), can have serious consequences for bureaucratic capitalism, especially in agrarian issues.

His obstinacy, however, makes small ears to his own allies. He will inaugurate the Embassy in Jerusalem even with the insistent denials of General Mourão.

In addition to the Alcântara base, Bolsonaro and the reactionary and lackey to imperialism Armed Forces prepare for the handing over of our reserves of the pre-salt and mineral deposits of the Amazon, passing over the rights of indigenous peoples, quilombolas and poor peasants, in addition to the sovereignty of Homeland.
Such initiatives, which are extremely serious, only contribute to murdering our people under mountains of toxic sludge and to pollute our springs while the mineral wealth is taken out of the country at the price of bananas, as is the most blatant case of niobium, in addition to the outrage of harming the homeland.

Apart from the military agreement reached during World War II, with a temporary Yankee base facility in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, even with its reactionary nature, the Armed Forces never gone so low at such an opprobrious level of foreign military occupation.

All the articulations, seen as strategic collaboration by the Yankees, including the cowardly provocations against Venezuela, are aimed at intensifying the militarization of the entire South American continent, whose explosive situation in Brazil is the most worrying and relevant factor for them. Rather than removing Maduro, who now pleads for a reconciliation, and even in the interest of pushing away mainly the Russian influence there, the larger goal is to broaden the conflict to justify such a militarization involving Brazil as never before. As Russia has one of the largest oil reserves in the world, it is true that the extent of its influence on the continent restricts the integrity of the South American backyard to Yankee imperialism, but for the Yankees, the bureaucratic capitalism crisis in Brazil becomes more threatening for its immediate rule.

Opening the precedent, Bolsonaro and the reactionary military mortally wound national sovereignty and publicly make their declaration of war to the Brazilian people.

Via: A Nova Democracia