Yesterday, as well as on Saturday, powerful demonstrations against the World Economic Forum took place in the cities of Zurich and Bern. A wide range of organization from the revolutionary movement mobilized to the demonstrations, who saw a turn out in the thousands, and so did also proletarian revolutionaries from Switzerland and abroad. Both demonstrations were marked by an internationalist and combative spirit, with hundreds of participants being masked, property of financial companies being destroyed, banners hoisted along the route, flares being burnt and graffiti painted. In Zurich, a policeman collapsed after being hit by firework.

On the 18th of January, about 2.000 participants marched through the city of Bern. Under the slogan "Down with the WEF and this State! All power to the proletariat!" and "Smash the WEF in the anti-imperialist struggle" banners were carried by Swiss and Turkish Maoists. During the demonstration dozens of Maoist newspapers were distributed and combative slogans being shouted resonating well with other internationalist forces in the demonstration.

Bern Bild Partizan Transparent

In the course of the demonstration leading mostly through the city center, and particularly at Längenstraße, several posters were put up from within the demonstration denouncing financial institutions and many a banner was hung in support of the struggle against the WEF , accompanied by the constant burning of flares. In one instance, also a fascist was attacked from within the demonstration. The police, although present in large numbers and heavily armed with rubber-bullet rifles, held off attacking the demonstration. Of particular presence throughout the demonstration was the spirit of international solidarity that manifested itself in dozens of way, be it in slogans, banners in support of the people of Iraq, posters demanding the release of political prisoners such as Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, a Mapuche flag being hoisted on a central fountain within the old town or in the dozens of Turkish and Kurdish flags present.

Bern Bild Mapuche Partizan

Bern Bild Abdhalla

Bern Bild Partizan

Yesterday, on the 22nd of January, another combative Anti-WEF demonstration took place, this time in the countries Capitol, Zurich. Again, thousands of participants came together, among them once more a particularly strong contingent of Turkish Maoists as well as Maoist forces from Switzerland, to show their resentment against the WEF. This time, the police was engaged even more directly, leading to a policeman collapsing after being hit by fireworks. The following video shows the sequence:



WEF Zurich