On this years January 12th, as every year, thousands gathered to commemorate the leaders and founders of the German Communist Party who were murdered by the reaction and the great Lenin.

Luxemburg Liebknecht Lenin Demonstration 2020 05

This year the Internationalist Collective Berlin organized a block that was marked by the need for a new international organization that unites the communists. Revolutionaries from different countries and from many cities of the FRG took part in this block. It was a special pleasure for all the comrades involved to see a flag of the Irish Republican revolutionary movement waving in the middle of the block.

Luxemburg Liebknecht Lenin Demonstration 2020 06


The block appeared disciplined and combative. There were many slogans, such as „Only the masses grasping the gun creates socialism!“ or “Death to imperialism! People's War until Communism!”

Luxemburg Liebknecht Lenin Demonstration 2020 11


In short speeches inter alia it was referred to the development of the situation in Brazil, the campaign to defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo was continued with the slogan „Defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo!“ and it was focused on the need for the reconstitution of the Communist Party of Germany. There were also contributions to the case of the murdered worker Adel B., which were underlined with the slogan "Adel B. that was murder!"

Luxemburg Liebknecht Lenin Demonstration 2020 12


An important expression of proletarian internationalism was the close alliance between the bloc of the Internationalist Collective Berlin and the comrades of the TKP/ML, who are waging a fierce and consistent struggle to smash the right liquidationism in the communist movement in Turkey. The principled attitude, the fighting spirit and the determination to serve the proletarian world revolution, which the comrades of the TKP / ML showed, is in a country like Germany, in which legalism and tailism after the MLPD-Revisionists has been a characteristic of the revolutionary movement from Turkey for decades, is a strengthening, fresh, red wind that is promising for the future. Here is a report on the participation of the comrades on a Turkish-language website: LINK

Some new contacts could be established by selling newspapers and in discussions. Overall, participation in the LLL-Demo can be regarded as a success of the revolutionary movement, which is also confident and courageous in the FRG when it comes to the tasks ahead.

Luxemburg Liebknecht Lenin Demonstration 2020 08