In recent days, comrades from Ireland have participated in several actions, most notably the antifascist counter-protests last Saturday, for which they conducted a mobilization campaign with posters. Furthermore actions were made to commemorate the four martyrs of Castletown, a statement on the 85th Anniversary of the birth of Chairman Gonzalo published and a podcast on the current situation in Ireland produced.

On Saturday the 14th about 150 fascists gathered in Dublin only to be confronted to by a broad and combative antifascist demonstration. In a confrontation ensuing the attempt to break through the police lines guarding the fascist’s gathering several police man were hit with flags poles. The comrades of the Anti-imperialist Action Ireland summarize the day with the following videos and words:

Yesterday was a great success on the road to stopping the rise of a far right movement in Ireland, but we can never be complacent and the momentum against the far right must be continued, actively confronting fascists wherever they raise their heads, preventing their demonstrations and enforcing the tried and tested policy of No Platform for Fascists.



Honoring IRA Volunteers

On the 8th of December 1922 the government of the Free State unlawfully executed four of his prisoners as an act of ‘revenge’, in retaliation of an armed action by those of IRA fighting for a united Ireland the day before. In their barbarism the Free State government choose to kill four prominent republican prisoners and hence executed the volunteers Commandant General Liam Mellows, Chief of Staff Joe McKelvey, Rory O'Connor and Richard Barrett by means of a firing squad. To commemorate them, since the 70s an annual event on the day of their murder is being held that, this year, took part on Tuesday last week.



Anniversary of the Birth of Chairman Gonzalo

The 3rd of December marked the 85th Anniversary of the Birth of Chairman Gonzalo. For this occasion, the comrades published a brief statement alongside some specially prepared grafics that we henceforth mirror:


Chairman Gonzalo, the leader of the Communist Party of Peru (PCP) and the Protracted People’s War in Peru, celebrated his 85th birthday on December 3rd from the confines of a Maximum Security Prison, where his life remains under constant threat from the reactionary Peruvian State.

Irish Socialist Republicans call for Freedom for Chairman Gonzalo to defend his life and we urge all students of Revolution to study and uphold his great contributions to Marxism-Lenininism-Maoism.

Free Chairman Gonzalo - Long Live Maoism!



The Starry Plough Historical Society Youtube-Channel has seen a great boost of activity over the last days with publications such as recordings of “Serve the people” and “Combat Liberalism” made by Irish comrades. Last week also a podcast was published that can be found below.