The images from Halle at Saale from 9th of September spread like a wildfire in the FRG and also the whole world. Images of a fascist armed to the teeth with self-made weapons, marching through the city and first trying to get into a synagogue which held 80 persons at this time, afterwards stopping at a Kebab Shop and opening fire on the guests. Two people died by the fascist terror, several got hurt, some severely.

The representatives of the rulers quickly shed their crocodile tears. Angela Merkel took part in a vigil. On the next day, a press conference was called with the Federal Minister of the Interior, the Minister President and Minister of the Interior of Sachsen-Anhalt, the chairman of the central council of the Jews, representatives of the police, etc. A lot is discussed in the bourgeois press, “how could this happen” and why “the assailant was not known before” etc. What is not in the spotlight is, that after the exposure of the NSU [National Socialist Underground, fascist terrorist organisation which killed more than 10 people] it is clear that it is the organs of repression of the German state, which build the fascist terrorist movement in the FRG.

It is also not written about, the fascist attack now being used to limit the demo-bourgeois freedoms in the FRG and to arm the organs of repression. Seehofer announced in the press conference to take actions for this increase of staff. 740 new jobs for the Domestic Secret Service and the Federal Criminal Police Office should be built. Especially on the internet, freedom of speech shall be limited massively. With this lame excuse against the “hate on the internet” they want to create the tools to punish authors of comments.

The Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer said it this way:

“Since words are not always enough, like we know, I analysed together with the Federal Minister of Justice for some days, how to follow legally relevant hate-comments on the internet. Especially, when they constitute a felony. Including the clarification of the “IP-Number”. This is a acid test for all of us, if we are capable as a rule of law, to defend ourselves against enemies of the state of law – they are enemies of the system – and if we are capable to defend the free and democratic order. This is not a limitation of the civil rights, but a fight against crime. And nobody will stop us on this way. It has to be done a lot more consequently.” (highlights added)

Towards the journalists, he adds:

“This is not a limitation of the civil rights. You won‘ t even notice it. Not even the journalists. We want to fight crime.”

Meaning comments on the internet, which the German state does not approve, can be prosecuted, especially, but not only, if they constitute a felony. The “enemies of the state of law” and the “enemies of the system” should be identified and not feel safe. This means, every criticism of the imperialist system, of the bourgeois state of “law”, of the parliamentary system should be prosecuted on the internet. The freedom of speech is simply thrown overboard. Encrypted communication also should not be safeguarded against access by the state. A topic which is put into debate by German organs of repression for months.

The bourgeois democracy is supposed to be defended with the limitation of fundamental bourgeois democratic freedoms. A paradox. Also notice the decisiveness of Seehofer for the taken way. Nobody will stop him? That is a negation of the idea of bourgeois democracy. Not the people rule, but the Federal Minister of the Interior, Seehofer, meaning the executive.

For this, the masses are to be mobilised, Seehofer calls:

“We also have to achieve, the democrats rise. […] and we have to see that these are not measures for the moment but for a continuous wave.”

Which means the limitation of the bourgeois democratic rights, which should defend the bourgeois democracy, is to be imposed and defended by “the democrats”. It is not possible without masses in this system. The fascist tendency of the German bourgeois state is to be covered up.

In these times, the working class does not need a few more seperately acting Antifa groups or any “Antifa-lifestyle”, but it needs the organised vanguard of the proletariat, the Communist Party, which sweeps away imperialism, the bourgeoisie and its dictatorship – no matter which expression it has at the moment, fascist or bourgeois democratic. It has to prove to the class in struggle, that this is the only way for a society without exploitation and oppression.