Following the detonation of a car bomb in front of a courthouse in Derry, Northern Ireland, the New Irish Republican Army (NIRA) has carried out further action in England and Scotland. At least four letter bombs were sent.

An explosive device was sent to Heathrow Airport in London. While opening the envelope in an administrative building of the airport the improvised explosive device detonated and thus led to the evacuation of the building. Another envelope was sent to City Airport in London and a third was addressed to Waterloo station in the British capital.
The University of Glasgow also received a letter bomb. However, even if the explosives sent were not designed to kill or mutilate, it is noteworthy that the several packages can pass countless control and nodal points in an imperialist surveillance state such as Britain and retain their function without being detected. The PIRA (Provisional Irish Republican Army), of which the now acting NIRA is an indirect spin-off, has long since proven that it is possible to wage armed struggle in an imperialist country for decades. From 1969 to 1997, the NIRA led a determined fight against the British occupiers and inflicted heavy casualties on the state, always receiving strong backing from the Irish people. Even after the usurpation of the organization and subsequent surrender, many activists refused to give up arms and continue the fight.


If the BREXIT is carried out as planned, it will bring a "hard", that means a militarily secured border. When this happens, the centuries-old occupation will be visible to everyone. If Ireland is again crossed by a guarded border, it will fuel the anger and hatred of the Irish people and thus the resistance. It is to expect that then Irish Republican organizations will begin or continue the armed struggle. Cause of this the BREXIT won´t come as planed and will be postponed, cause neither the EU nor Great Britain want a war in the middle of Europe.