Combatants of the Peoples Liberation Guerilla Army attacked a Hotel in Attamala, district of Wayanad, Kerala. The Hotel is used for the sexual exploitation of Adivasi women by tourists.

In the morning hours of January 15 PLGA members rushed the newly constructed resort, smashed the windows and set the furniture to fire. Before leaving they stucked posters to the wall. On one of them was “The attack is against portraying Adivasis as showpiece before tourists. All resorts owners who pose a threat to the peaceful existence of Adivasis will b forcibly evicted.” to read.

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In recent years there have been several actions against sex tourism hotels by the PLGA in Wayanad.  In 2014 the Agraham resort in Thirunelli was attacked and in 2015 a government owned hotel came under attack in the same area.  In 2019 the Upavan resort in Vythiri was attacked.

Police personnel deployed at the resort where a gunfight took place between the police and alleged Maoists, at Vythiri in Wayanad, on Thursday.