In the course of fighting of the people against land grabbing by the revisionist, so called Communist Party of Vietnam, two police men and a leader of the popular masses were killed.

The Vietnamese government startet to build a military airport there years ago, next to the capital Hanoi. Therefor the state want to seize the land of the peasants of the village of Dong Tam, but the residents are resisting and refuse to cede the land.

Deadly land clashes in Vietnam lead to arrests, social media crackdown

In 2017 the village already made headlines when four villager where arrested for protests against the land grabbing. In these protests 38 officials of the Vietnamese state where held as hostages in the community house and not released until they made concessions. In morning of January 09 more than 3.000 security forces gathered in front of the village, armed with shields, bats, pistols, tear gas grenades, as well as flare grenades. The operational forces blocked every entrance and exit of the village and started to shoot tear gas and flare grenades into the village. After they rushed in and beat everyone down, even children and pregnant women. According to the Vietnamese authorities a construction side of the airport, a few kilometers away, was attacked before. Residents of the region are alleged to have attacked the soldiers with hand grenades, Molotov cocktails, pistols and knives. In the course of the fighting inside the village three police officers get killed, such as an important person of the region, Le Dinh Kinh. Former he was a member of the so called Communist Party, but  returned and led the Struggle of the people against the land grabbing in the region.

Le Dinh Kinh in image from Facebook

A video, which is promoted by family members and supporters shows several bullet holes in his body. As a reaction to the violent struggle the government shut down YouTube, all social media platforms and some tv and radio channels. In Vietnam there are thousands of conflicts about the land, which the peasants are working and living on. In revisionist Vietnam all land is owned by the state. But instead of handing it to the peasants, it is used for serving the interests of the big and comprador bourgeoisie.