At the weekend, the Lebanese people  fought again against the state and its repression organs. On Sunday, the consultations currently taking place on the formation of a new government had to be canceled and postponed for security reasons.

Hundreds of demonstrators were already marching to central Nahimi-Place in Beirut on Saturday evening. When the demonstrators began to remove the blockages errected by the reaction from bars and barbed wire, they were attacked by the police. The police used tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannons to disperse the demonstrators. These answered with stones and built barricades all over the center and set them on fire.

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Demonstrations took place again in Beirut on Sunday evening. Near the parliament building security forces were attacked with stones, bottles and pyrotechnics. Due to the proximity to the parliament building, the deliberations on the formation of a new government were postponed to today. There was fierce fighting in Beirut all night.

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Countless protesters were injured in the course of the fighting and demonstrations, exact figures are not known.

There has been no end in sight to the protests since October, the people's anger is directed against the whole of the state and the system, so it doesn't matter that Hariri is the new president of Lebanon. This had to resign on October 29 due to pressure from the people.