The Israeli army has at least killed 34 people during the last seven days by air strikes in Palestine.

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Israel, under the leadership of interim president Netanyahu, had launched the current offensive on 12 November with a missile attack. The attack in Gaza City resulted in the killing of Baha'a Abu al-Ata, one of the supreme commanders of the Islamic Jihad, a growing resistance organization.


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In response, the Islamic Jihad fired more than 450 rockets into Israeli territory. The missile interception could not destroy all missiles in the air, causing damage to industry and infrastructure. Shortly thereafter, the Israeli army strengthened its presence on the border with Gaza and ran up tanks and arteries. At the same time, further air strikes were launched on Gaza.

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The on November 14 negotiated cease-fire was broken off two days later by the Israeli state. The Israeli Air Force flew several attacks on targets of Gaza-ruling Hamas.


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This new offensive of genocide is to be seen in the context of the upcoming new elections in Israel. Netanyahu is trying to win votes from his reactionary and chauvinist rival Benny Gantz. In addition, Netanyahu spits on the turnaround of the US. On Monday, US Secretary of State Pompeo  declared the zionist settlement construction to be no longer a general violation of international law.


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