Since the beginning of October, massive protests and struggles have kept Iraq in suspense. Meanwhile, several hundred demonstrators were killed by the reaction.

Iraq as a semi-colony of the US-imperialism suffers from a massive political and economic crisis, which especially the broad masses suffers from. Thousands of people have been taking to the streets for more than five weeks to protest against the state and are fighting against the police. Last Monday, a general strike paralyzed the entire country, companies, shops, schools and authorities and were closed and roads and bridges got occupied to block the infrastructure.

In addition to tear gas, the security forces use live ammunition again and again. Since the beginning of October, according to various sources, 260 to 300 people have been killed by the state. Alone on Saturday, nine protesters were shot dead as police forces partially successfully seized occupied bridges and squares in Baghdad and Basrar. The demonstrators were able to defend the zentral protest camp on Tahir Square and the Al Jumhuriyah Bridge in Baghdad. The Al-Jumhuriyah Bridge connects the central protest camp to the green zone, where the British and US embassies are located.

Auch nahe des Tahrir-Platzes in Bagdad kam es zu schweren Auseinandersetzungen zwischen Sicherheitskräften und Demonstranten

There is no end to the protests in sight, even though Prime Minister Mahdi has promised changes, the people no longer trust the imperialists' lackeys.