For ten days there have been protests in Lebanon on a larger scale, mainly directed against the disastrous economic situation and widespread corruption in the country. The starting point was an announcement by the government to tax WhatsApp calls.

Thirty years after the end of the 25-year civil war, the situation in Lebanon is very complicated. On the one hand there is a government that has recently shined with the inability to bring greater forest fires under control, on the other hand the country with a very large diversity is exposed to foreign intrigues. Some foreign power always tries to win over one of the religious groups who have a great deal of weight in Sectarianism - Sunnis, Shiites, Maronites (Syrian Catholics), Greek Orthodox, Druze, and 13 others - to gain their favor. In addition, Lebanon receives a large number of refugees.

The masses have the right to rebell. They are increasingly suffering from a bureaucratic capitalist system in which power and money are shared between a few families representing religious groups.

Banks are closed, there are power failures, water is often contaminated, unemployment is 20 percent. There are enough reasons. The praise of the Western imperialists, however, leaves a sour taste. The people must liberate themselves. For that, it can not become a puppet of imperialist (super) power.