The G5 is a military alliance led by Frensh imprialism that consists of Burkina Faso, Niger, Mali, Mauritania and Chad. It is the imperialists reaction of the unrests widely spread since the uprisings in 2012. This alliance is under constant attacks due to its character by the peoples resistance. On Tuesday last week no less than 71 Nigerian soldiers were killed in one single severe attack against the military base Inates in the countries western Mali border region Tillabery. Just few days before head representative of Frensh imperialism Macron sheduled a meeting regarding security issues in the Sahel region.

Media blames socalled islamists allegedly linked to ISIS and/or al-Qaida and/or Boko Haram (maybe ISWAP - Islamic State in the Western Sahara Province, maybe ISGS - Islamic State in the Greater Sahara) for the action carried out during the night. Officials talk about 71 killed, 12 wounded and 30 missing. The action is one of the largest in recent history of Niger and it shows the impotence of the reaction to maintain respectively reestablish "order". Even the thousands of Frensh occupation forces are failing. Death toll for the last months is around 250 killed reactionary armed forces in Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso including 13 Frensh soldiers. The Frensh died during an attack on resistnce forces. Two helicopters collided. That was the biggest lost of men for frensh imperialism since the Beirut bombing in 1983.

The military base were first scouted by drones by the rebels. Then, just few minutes later, they innitiated a heavy mortar shelling. An ammunition warehouse and an oil tank exploded immediately. The rebels encircled the camp with armoured cars and kept on attacking for at least three hours until reinforcements arrived from the base of Ouallam. Due to statements launched the rebels claim to have killed 100 reactionary soldiers and captured 16 vehicles, weapons and other military equipment.

One statement on Aljazeera shows how profound the rebels act: "In the north of the Tillabery region, where Inates lies, ISGS counts on local fighters cells that disappear among the population once an attack is done, so that when the military goes out for operations, they don't find anyone."